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T-shirt - Borimechkata

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T-shirt - Borimechka is with the famous literary character Borimechka from the novel "Under the Yoke" by the father of Bulgarian literature - Ivan Vazov. "Under the Yoke" takes place in the time of pre-liberation Bulgaria and describes the way of thinking of the awake Bulgarians who do not want to stay a minute longer under the Ottoman boot.

Borimechka is a colorful personality that every Bulgarian knows. The stalwart Bulgarian, who wears the cherry ball symbol of freedom and the struggle for Liberation.

In the drawing, you can see the flag on which "Freedom or Death" is written in golden letters, and Borimechka is standing on marbles. Above it is written "None of us will leave, their old mother". A reference to no enslaver being left alive.

The time when the Bulgarian lion has already woken up and nothing can stop him. The time when the Bulgarians were ready to sacrifice their lives without a drop of fear, in order to see Bulgaria free, united and to rank among other free nations ready to forge its future.

Another symbol of the Bulgarian revival movement is the stocked pishtov and saber in the red belt. A collective image of the Bulgarian traditions and the will for freedom, which we have conquered ourselves and which we must tell the next generations about.

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  • Collection:2022
  • Fabric: 100%
  • Cotton Weight: 150gr/m2
  • Big chest DTG print
  • Ratnik label in the neck
  • Made in Bulgaria