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Hero of Honor

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Hero of Honor is a model dedicated to nationalism, who fought for the salvation of Europe, who raised Europe to a pedestal. Hero of Honor is a testimony that the spirit of nationalism of the past lives in us today, the flame is kindled ever stronger and from generation to generation, it grows brighter. Heroes of honor who shed their blood and sacrificed their families for their nations are not forgotten. Their example is a guiding light for us and their work is our work. This is abundantly clear to all the enemies of nationalist Europe, and that is precisely why the fight against us is so fierce. They want to take away our identity, our future, our right to fight and develop. However, we have inherited the iron spirit of our ancestors who laid the foundations of the struggle and any attempt to stop us will be a blow to the wall. Europe belongs to the European peoples and we will defend it at all costs. Hero of Honor!

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  • Collection 2023
  • Material: 100% combed cotton
  • DTG printing
  • High print resistance
  • Bright and solid colors
  • Made in Bulgaria
  • Does not steam the body
  • Does not restrict freedom of movement