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T-Shirt -"Dalg i chest"

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The Duty and Honor t-shirt is a model symbolizing the Bulgarian fighting spirit and masculinity, which over the centuries has proven to be extremely tough.
During the dark ages of Turkish slavery, we have not been able to break through during the Liberation, and after that we are experiencing one of our military apogees. Before him we have a number of such periods since the Han Dynasty.

A testimony to the Bulgarian warrior is precisely the story that remembers the glorious times of Khan Kubrat, as well as his sons. Asparuh, who crossed the Danube and tore off part of the strongest empire at that time. The merciless battles that ultimately fail and we fall under the Ottoman boot, but which are especially heroic.

A renaissance Bulgaria that is starting to build its new future from nothing thanks to the brave men and women who held arms. The Balkan wars, during which the Bulgarians again amazed the world and covered Bulgaria with laurel wreaths.

Wars in which we fought, on several fronts, but our spirit endured! Then two world wars, in which a number of brave fighters fell with the name of Bulgaria on their lips. Wars in which national unification was sought and no one hesitated to sacrifice their lives for it. A period that again covered the Bulgarian warrior with glory and showed that the Bulgarians were ready to die in the name of an ideal called Bulgaria. These days, it is these glorious times that sustain us and are our guiding light.

The Bulgarian fighting spirit is alive and burning in us, it burns in many pure hearts that drink from the springs of history, and that will raise the name of the Bulgarian army again on the ladder of honor. Through this model we trace that long and stormy period of our existence, which makes us feel only pride.

100% combed cotton
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  • Collection:2019
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 150gr/m2
  • Big chest DTG print
  • Ratnik label in the neck
  • Made in Bulgaria