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T-Shirt -"Ot urva na urva i ot vek na vek"

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A t-shirt from urva to urva and from century to century is dedicated to one of the brightest symbols in the history of Bulgaria. Our liberation from Turkish slavery, which is one of the darkest periods for us, and the Liberation one of the brightest. The long awaited moment to call ourselves free is coming thanks to the fearlessness of our people. A symbol of these glorious times is the battle on Mount Shipka, which was extremely bloody, with an enemy many times superior, but which was repulsed only because of the indomitable courage of the defenders of the eminence. On the front of the T-shirt is depicted a Bulgarian militiaman in uniform, and behind him proudly stands the Freedom Monument, a testimony to boundless heroism. A lion, a symbol of Bulgaria and the Bulgarian fighting spirit, is painted standing proudly on the rocks, with swords and rifles at its feet. Above it flies our flag, a symbol of self-sacrifice and heroism, and below in red letters is written "from urva to urva and from age to age". Part of the poem "The Soldiers of Shipka", which the emblematic Ivan Vazov dedicates to this memorable moment. On the back is written "Bulgaria, they died for you, you were worthy of them, and they were worthy of you, mother!". Part of the poem "The new cemetery above Slivnitsa" again by the father of Bulgarian literature "Dyado Vazov". On the back is placed the Order of Courage, which complements the symbolism of courage and self-denial, a symbol that adorns the chests of thousands of Bulgarian heroes.

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  • Collection:2020
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 150gr/m2
  • Big chest DTG print
  • Ratnik label in the neck
  • Made in Bulgaria