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T-Shirt -"Stand Your Land"

Price: 22.00€

Stand Your Land t-shirt is part of our series dedicated to the fight for Europe and the national forces that are in defense of the values, culture and land of our peoples.

The black sun symbolizes our origin and is part of the symbols that European peoples have carried with them since ancient times.

The t-shirt depicts a young nationalist who is ready to fight for his country and against any malevolent force that befalls his country. These days, "leftist" dark forces are tearing Europe apart and leading it to destruction. Europe is being filled with hordes from Asia and Africa, and European youth are being assimilated by liberal ideology. Our identity and survival are at stake. The only salvation against this virus is nationalism and the will to fight. Sport nourishes the body and sustains the spirit, and the path of nationalism directs all energy towards fighting for one's country.

This t-shirt is a symbol of those who refuse to surrender, those who want to fight. Those who are ready to fight for their country and are not willing to stand idly by. That is why the messages "Stand your land" and "Defend your country" are placed right here. They must reach the young boys and girls to take the path of struggle!

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  • Collection:2020
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 150gr/m2
  • Big chest DTG print
  • Ratnik label in the neck
  • Made in Bulgaria