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T-Shirt -Europe Awake

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Europe Awake t-shirt is one of Ratnik's symbols that best describes our worldview and the desire to fight and save our continent. Europe, as the oldest continent and the cradle of civilization, has always been a target for conquest by various peoples, and the history is extremely colorful.

Today, however, Europe is threatened by forces far more dangerous than weapons, we are under real massive attack from liberal circles who are trying to replace the ethnic composition of Europe. Hordes of alien invaders arrive on our continent, which is being eaten from within. Our youth is drowning in depravity and is trying in every way to erase its own history, culture and traditions.

The only salvation for the old continent is nationalism. Our ideology is a haven for every conservative and sober-minded person who wants to oppose the swirling contagion. Our goal is to awaken the European peoples from the lethargy and nihilism into which they have fallen.

History shows that we can, and the time of a united nationalist Europe is getting closer. It is for this reason that the image combines the black sun, a symbol of the origin of Europeans, and one of Arno Brecker's sculptures.

The work called "Comradeship" is a creation of one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century, which was created in honor of the comradeship and solidarity of nationalists against the communist virus. The message is simple and says "Europe Awake".

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  • Collection:2022
  • Fabric: 100% Cotton
  • Weight: 150gr/m2
  • Big chest DTG print
  • Ratnik label in the neck
  • Made in Bulgaria