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A classic sweatshirt with a built-in mask that will protect you from cold and wind. Ideal for spring or autumn when the temperatures are lower.

The inscription "Defend Europe" is depicted on the "black sun", which symbolizes the origin of European peoples from ancient times and is part of our identity. The colors black, white and red carry within themselves the spirit of the struggle of national Europe for hundreds of years. They are a symbol of generations of nationalists who are ready in word and deed to fight for their home.

For a neat appearance and to stop the cold and wind from entering, elasticated wrists and waist have been added. They tighten the fabric around the body and thus leave no gaps for cold air to enter or body heat to escape.

An ideal option for your everyday life. A practical garment to use for everything.

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  • Collection:2022
  • regular fit
  • hood with drawstring
  • sleeve pocket with "Defend Europe" tag
  • Big chest DTF print