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Belt - DEFEND EUROPE black

Price: 17.90€

DEFEND EUROPE military belt made entirely of polyester, which is strong and resistant to wear and tear. It is 35mm wide and fits most trousers as well as all military and tactical trousers. It has a strong knit that does not stretch and greatly increases strength. The belt fastens with a metal buckle that doesn't require any holes and allows for much more precise length adjustment to get the belt to fit perfectly. It also fastens and unfastens very quickly and easily, but cannot be accidentally opened, making the belt ideal for intensive movement. The buckle features the DEFEND EUROPE logo. It can be combined with various military uniforms or worn in everyday life.

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  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Width: 35 mm
  • A sturdy knit
  • Resistant to wear and load
  • Fastening with a metal buckle
  • Precise length adjustment
  • Fast fastening and unfastening