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T-shirt - Protect your culture and identity

Price: 16.36€

Protect your culture and identity is a t-shirt embodying Bulgarian family values.

In contact with the body, this cotton fabric leaves a feeling of comfort and lightness. The stamp has the typical Ratnik design. A young Bulgarian family is depicted in front, and "The Rosette from Pliska" in the background.

The rosette from Pliska is undoubtedly an artifact that is closely related to our Bulgarian essence, heritage from our ancestors and understanding of the world. To this day, many Bulgarians wear this symbol on their clothes. In this way, they testify to their connection with the ancient heritage of their distant ancestors and become guardians of traditions and of that divine energy and power that guided the great Bulgarian people and protected them in days of severe trials.

The t-shirt is a very practical choice for off-duty time.

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  • Collection 2021 "Moving Forward"
  • High quality 100% combed cotton
  • DTG printing
  • Labels Ratnik
  • Made in Bulgaria