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T-shirt - A healthy mind in a healthy body

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Strong spirit in a strong body

We know that even the ancient Romans used this motto,
and in 1894 Pierre de Coubertin (Creator of the modern Olympic Games),
proclaimed the principle "a healthy mind in a healthy body",
a little later, the motto was also used by Tsarist Bulgaria,
and her youth personified it.
We, as their descendants, have a debt
let's continue the relay.

The design uses a drawing of the colossal statue "The Boxer",
by the Italian sculptor Francesco Messina,
which is located in the "Marble Stadium" - Foro Italico
(Stadium of Marbles in the Foro Italico).

The author of the drawing and our associate is Pericles-Spyridon Lindblom,
who makes Art Against Degeneracy,
you can follow him at https://www.instagram.com/pericles_lind/
and support him by purchasing a print of one of his drawings.

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