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Long Sleeve Blouse - European SF

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The European street fighters blouse is part of the new products in RTN-DIVISION, which shows the belonging of each one of us to the national movement and street activism. All of Europe is shaking from the liberal propaganda that is flooding us and the only cure for this disease is nationalism.

What is our role? Each one of us is a fighter for the ideals we believe in. Literally and figuratively, the snake will only be crushed with activism. We do not take a step back, we do not feel fear when we are winged by love for the Motherland.

We fight for Europe every day, the streets are ours and the shadows of our enemies quickly evaporate when they hear our chants. The oldest continent is like that precisely because our peoples fought for it, they built everything with the ideal of powerful progress.

We cannot accept that our generations will be the ones to blame for the suppression of all this. This is precisely why we are the street fighters who are the last bastion of Europe.

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  • French terry, brushed inside
  • 65% cotton, 35% polyester
  • Straight cut with side seams
  • Bottom hem, cuffs and neckline are 1:1 knit with 5% elastane