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Sweatshirt - Budapest 1956

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Men's Sweatshirt Budapest 1956 has a classic street design. It has a straight cut that gives freedom and comfort, and the sleeves are elasticated for a better view and to limit the cold air. At the top of the left sleeve there is a velcro to which a patch with the RTN-DIVISION logo has been added. It can be replaced with other types by taking it off and putting it on with just one movement.

This design is dedicated to the Hungarian Uprising of 1956. A series of events that remain in history as one of the most powerful symbols of anti-communist resistance. It was originally born out of a student protest against the pro-Soviet policies of the communist government in Hungary. However, it quickly turned into a mass civil protest, which grew into a kind of war with the police and the authorities.

Anti-Communist sentiment flared like wildfire and nationalism quickly gained the upper hand over empowered Communists. The government falls and the change of course to the right of the state is being prepared. Here comes the 4th of November, when the treacherous Soviets let the Soviet army into the streets of Budapest and kill over 2,500 Hungarians, and 200,000 emigrate. They crush the uprising with brutal cruelty, but of course the flame that is kindled can never be extinguished.

Those who shed their blood then laid the foundations of modern Hungarian nationalism and wrote their names in golden letters in European history. We all remember sacrifices and heroic deeds, that's why we were inspired to make this model.

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